America at a Crossroads: Embrace Freedom, or Accept Totalitarianism

By Alan W. Cohen

Americans are in an abusive relationship with their federal government. Note that I don’t use the term victim, because we are in fact conspiring with the federal government to abuse our freedom.

What happens in a personal abusive relationship? One party asserts control, and the other party acquiesces. Soon those actions become comfortable and expected. The more the weaker party acquiesces, the more power the dominant party attains. But, whenever the acquiescing party feels a powerful moment and tries to reestablish some control, there is a violent reaction. It might be physical at the beginning, but sooner or later physical violence becomes necessary to assert control and to reestablish authority. As the relationship steadily becomes more volatile, the acquiescing party has a choice. Give in or leave.

Americans now face a similar choice.

As a Libertarian, I am appalled at the lack of outrage of the news media and the population in general about how the Obama administration was spying on tens of thousands of Americans, just as I was outraged how Hillary Clinton got away with a crime that would have landed almost anyone in federal prison for life. For my old party faithful, this is exactly what is wrong with you. You have no moral authority.

Yet, with the new health care bill, Republicans appear no better as they struggle to deal with this dependency on the abuses of government, and an electorate suddenly uneducated in the freedoms that we declared when we broke away from the Mother Country. It was in that Declaration of Independence that we asserted our God-given rights that were so fundamental that we could would not give our elected officials the authority to violate them. But that is exactly what we did. In my book,  Private Vows: The Case for Ending State Regulation of Marriage and Divorce , I document the history of Americans surrendering their freedoms to what had become a Christian theocracy. Remember when you were not allowed to open you business on Sundays without special permission from the state? Remember how you were not allowed to buy alcohol on Sundays because that was the Christian Sabbath?

Yet, while Americans believed they were ridding themselves of state control in the 1960s, all we were doing was exchanging their Christian government for a national socialist one, the beginnings of cradle-to-grave control over our daily lives. Day by day, little by little, a growing segment of the population began to realize that there was no point in trying to succeed. And, as I explain my 2015 book, America Solved: A New Family for the 21st Century, government began to punish men for success, while at the same time, with the Child Support System, punishing poor men, especially African Americans, for the crime of being poor, creating a new form of slavery.

Now in 2017, Nazis have reemerged on college campuses, rioting and refusing to hear speakers with which they disagree, and the national media celebrates it, just as they looked the other way with Hillary Clinton’s felonious activities and Barrack Obama’s KGB- type spy program.  With the election of Donald Trump, America has temporarily reasserted itself, and patriotism is getting one last gasp. But, as with any abusive relationship, that gasp of freedom is met with a violent response from those in control, regardless of party affiliation. This is the swamp that is Washington, D.C.

It is put up or shut up time, America. You have to leave that abuser and make it on your own. You must reassert those freedoms guaranteed to you in the Declaration of Independence. You must educate your children to appreciate and embrace those liberties that exist only in the United States, liberties that had never existed in any nation at any other time in history. Most important, however, we must teach our children to embrace the freedom of others so that they, too, can recognize and embrace ours. Together, we must rid ourselves of our government masters and take control over our lives, because, if we don’t, totalitarianism is right around the corner.

Alan W. Cohen is an author and blogger, retired from the practice of law after 25 years. His new book, Private Vows: The Case for Ending State Regulation of Marriage and Divorce is available on Amazon.

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Syria Bombing: Why History Trumps Libertarian Beliefs

By Alan W. Cohen

Presidential adviser Steve Bannon once commented that we Libertarians do not live in the real world. And, from some of the commentary coming out of Cato and other outlets, I can see why he might believe that. More on that later in the week.

Just as we do not believe in the murder of those unfortunate souls that lay beneath those 59 Tomahawk missiles that struck that Syrian airfield Thursday evening, we Libertarians believe in the Constitution first and foremost. Yet, just as murder must be justified in times of war, we must look past our immediate regrets for the President taking unilateral action to send a message to the world.

In 1916, an infamous German chemist convinced himself and the Kaiser that he could end the bloody stalemate at the trenches with a new weapon. The gas attacks that followed were as horrid as they were ineffective, just as the inventor of the machine gun had believed a quarter century before. Yet, while millions of young men died on Flanders Field and all across Europe after blindly going over the wall, it was the gas attacks, not the machine gun that stuck in the world’s collective consciousness. Poison gas was banned by all civilized nations, and it remains so today, just as they have banned torture. Hitler employed poison gas in his Final Solution. It is the weapon of cowards and barbarians, not to be tolerated. Ever.

Thus, when President Trump had a visceral reaction to the pictures of children going through that unspeakable torture, it was understandable. Yet, history is bigger than that. Barrack Obama appeared to morph into Neville Chamberlain in his passive approach to hostile extremism, the Iran Deal being his biggest contribution to receding American power. Just as Chamberlain believed you could make a deal with the Devil, Obama, Susan Rice and John Kerry were convinced they could deal with his minions, and were equally naive. As late as this January, Obama and his acolytes were praising themselves for ridding Syria of chemical weapons.  This is the world that Donald Trump inherited.

Thus, while just as Christians and Jews must go against their religious teachings to wage war, Libertarians must recognize there is an exception to every rule. Evil exists.  It is the job of the President to protect us from that evil. If Trump’s message has a positive impact on protecting our liberty, then we can justify that limited military response. But Rand Paul is right. We must not tread further. Be wary of the war mongers, and remember our past mistakes. Like the Constitution, it is a very delicate balance.

Alan W. Cohen is a retired attorney and author. His most recent book, Private Vows: The Case for Ending State Regulation of Marriage and Divorce is available on Amazon.

Susan Rice and Unmasking: Where is the Democrats’ Moral Compass?

By Alan W. Cohen

My former party has lost its collective soul.

Those that know me know that I was once a Democrat party official at the township level and a Gary Hart delegate to the 1984 Missouri Democratic Convention. I worked on his campaign in both Missouri and Illinois. It was there that I learned of the complete lack of morality of my colleagues on the far left. During the Illinois primary, it was widely known that the Mondale people were buying votes in a very African American area, permitting them to vote for Jesse Jackson in the beauty contest, but voting exclusively for Mondale’s delegates.

I was a Bill Clinton supporter in 1992, but when it was discovered that he had committed perjury, I lost all confidence. I truly believed the impeachment was stupid, but was taken aback by my colleagues’ claims that lying about sex was somehow immune from perjury. By that time, I was a practicing attorney who routinely dealt with perjured testimony. Clinton’s claims, and the support of my former colleagues only fueled the belief of the average citizen that lying about sex, or anything to do with family, was perfectly acceptable. After all, the President did it, and he got away with it.

John Kennedy stood for patriotism. Robert Kennedy stood for fairness and moral thought. Ted Kennedy stood for win at all costs. Since Ted survived his car crash and indiscretion that would have thrown anyone else in jail, his way won out. It was Ted Kennedy who proposed the changes to our immigration policy in 1965 that would open the doors to more and more poor people who would go on welfare and vote Democrat. Never mind what it might do to the country. Win at all costs. Power at all costs. Create a nation of auto bots that will vote us in no matter what we do or say, who will protest whomever or whatever we oppose, and of course, vote us back into office without questioning our character. Pretty sweet.

By 1996, my party left me. That’s when I quit, and eventually became a Libertarian. Twenty years later, the Democrat Party has no soul. It is completely devoid of ethics, of any sense of right and wrong. My former colleagues in the media, who also joined because of Mr. Woodward and Mr. Bernstein, have likewise lost their collective souls. I would urge them all to enter into some commune, or take that trip to Nepal. Or, better yet, seek repose in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

As I stated in my last blog, the media has left all semblance of fairness and jumped back into time a full century to the days of what we call Yellow Journalism. There is no truth, only our convictions. And damn it! Our convictions are right, regardless of the facts that parade before our eyes. Now comes Susan Rice, and serious allegations of civil liberties violations, violations that used to make us quiver and scream for our freedoms, freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution. But mercy! It’s one of our own that stands accused, so we ignore the story completely, or better yet, as a CNN anchor claimed, that the story is just fake news. Never mind that Susan Rice admitted to the unmasking of a private citizen. We believe her when she says she routinely unmasked persons, but did not do it for political reasons, completely ignoring that Susan Rice was just a political operative. But so what? It’s just a Republican. Republicans, after all, have no rights. Right? Susan Rice acted for the greater good. Winning. Winning at all costs. Because that is the party that we have become.

Thank God that I no longer consider myself part of that We.

Alan W. Cohen is a retired attorney and author. His latest book, Private Vows: The Case for Ending State Regulation of Marriage and Divorce is available at Amazon.




Comey Confirms that Hillary the Evil Genius Behind the Trump/Russia Scandal

By Alan W. Cohen

Disgraced former FBI chief James Comey’s testimony confirms what I first posted more than a month ago, that Hillary Clinton is the Evil Genius behind the Trump-Russia Scandal. It was her campaign that paid for the Golden Showers Dossier, and convinced Comey it was authentic, so much so that the Obama Deep State used it to spy on then candidate Trump, Republican congressmen and their associates.

It reads like an old movie script. Many Republicans could not help but compare Hillary Clinton to the power mad Angela Lansbury character in the classic film, The Manchurian Candidate. Democrats, obviously, see it differently. Yet, the back story to the Russia Scandal reads like a movie that Rod Serling might write, similar to his Oscar winning script in Seven Days in May, or as a story line on House of Cards. So, here it is in beat sheet form:

  1. Power mad Secretary of State Hillary commits probable felony as she and her husband accumulate millions in “donations” and develop vast political machine to assure her run for the presidency.
  2. Hillary maintains access to intelligence from friendly administration to keep her abreast of vital information.
  3. Hillary cheats party opponent in primary using insider information, getting debate questions in advance from corrupt party official.
  4. Hillary orchestrates bribe of FBI agent in charge of her probe using loophole in campaign finance laws, having agent’s wife run for minor political office.
  5. Hillary orchestrates (as shown in Project Veritas investigation) dirty tricks to portray Republican opponent as violent by training operatives to infiltrate campaign rallies.
  6. Hillary’s husband has secret meeting with Attorney General in effort to weasel out of federal crimes, successfully avoids indictment.
  7. Hillary’s dirty tricks department creates a false dossier in attempt to imply her opponent is a Russian spy, successfully gets her friends in the FBI to begin an investigation.
  8. Because Hillary still has access to intelligence, she is aware of FBI’s attempts to get warrants to spy on her opponent, but, (as recently reported in Time Magazine), friendly administration  refuses to publicize the investigation, believing it unnecessary.
  9. Instead, Hillary’s allies in the media release an ancient video of opponent acting crudely, believing it would destroy his candidacy.
  10. Incredibly, Hillary’s Republican opponent survives media onslaught, and pulls off shocking upset.
  11. Undeterred, Hillary’s allies push the Russia story into the media, finally getting a disreputable website to publish it, permitting her allies in Congress to quote the false story in confirmation hearings.
  12. Hillary convinces friendly administration to unmask and leak communications of the incoming Republican administration in effort to further Russian story, knowing her allies in the media will ignore civil liberties violations to chase illusive, and false, Russian connection.
  13.  Hillary’s Democrat allies continue to push for investigation into false Russia story, despite a complete lack of evidence to support their claims, and, since they are the minority in Congress, call for special “independent” probe.
  14.  Hillary pushes allies in the media to undermine incoming administration so that she can make an amazing political comeback.  But, alas, that is season two.

Truth is stranger than fiction, but this truth (and trust me this beat sheet outline makes more sense than the current media narrative) will make a great movie someday. Perhaps, they could get Angela Lansbury to star. Now we need to find some 6-8 super wimp to play James Comey.

Alan W. Cohen is an author and former attorney. His most recent book, Private Vows: The Case for Ending State Regulation of Marriage and Divorce is available on Amazon.

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