Islamist Victory in Antisemitic Public Relations Battle Spells Doom for Freedom, Completes Conquest of Europe

By Alan W. Cohen

Congratulations must go out to the propagandists of Islam. For decades, they have used the classic carrot and stick, i.e,  oil and terrorism, to send Europe to its knees, permitting the completion of the Muslim invasion that was last thwarted in the the 17th Century. And as every year passes by they have succeeded in lessening Europe’s guilt over the Holocaust, and its long history of Antisemitism, especially in the United Nations, where as U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley does daily battle with an anti-Israel bias that would make Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels proud.  After all, it was Great Britain and France, not the United States, that supported the State of Israel and its fight for independence. As ISIS supporters espoused recently on British television, soon Sharia Law will prevail at Number 10 Downing Street. The conquest will be complete.

While the horrific massacre of young girls in Manchester, Great Britain, should make it perfectly clear to anyone sane that evil lurks among us, it turns out that there are three types of Muslims, ones that openly work for Sharia takeover of the world peacefully, ones that want to use violence to achieve that goal, and the ones that silently root for it. European leaders continue to do their best impersonation of Neville Chamberlain who defiantly waved a copy of the Hitler signed Munich Accords like a white flag of surrender. As British journalist Katie Hopkins observed, the political leadership Great Britain are perfectly willing to have its young girls murdered, or in many instances raped, rather than suffer the consequences of being called Islamophobic. The same can be said for France and the rest of Europe, even Germany, and land where the killing fields of Antisemitism came to a boil just 70 years ago. These leaders are so fearful of the label that they have virtually outlawed truth, if that truth would at all save them from that horrific label.

Yet, with the 2017 UNESCO Declaration,  the Islamist propagandists have achieve their greatest feat in the revisionist history that now stands as the United Nations. Jews have always been the majority in Judea, especially in Jerusalem, where archaeologists are daily finding more evidence to support assertions in the Bible that it has always been the Jewish capital. Recently, they have proven that East Jerusalem is the City of David, where King David and his son, King Solomon, once ruled. From 1967 until present, with the obvious exception of the Obama administration, the United States has stood with its veto power in the increasingly Antisemitic organization. As Nikki Haley has pointed out, the the entire organization is obsessed with destroying Israel, and have become the embodiment of a socialist order that even George Orwell could not have imagined possible. And why not? Coming up on 70 years after its existence, a total of 31 United Nations member states do not recognize the State of Israel: 18 of the 21 UN members in the Arab League, including our allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. After World War II, Egypt took its cues from a former Nazi commander who taught them the ways of Antisemitism, with Yasser Arafat as one of his finest pupils. In fact, since the Six-Day War, it has been Saudi Arabia that has funded the cause of the Arab refugees, creating the fictional cause of Palestinians that their land was stolen, when, in fact, after Jordan occupied the area after Israel’s battle for independence, it systematically destroyed hundreds of synagogues to eradicate any signs of Jewish presence much like ISIS did in destroying ancient Sumerian sites in Iraq.

And yet Islamist scholars have successfully billed the Israelis as the bad guy, pushing the false narrative that Israel is an apartheid state, despite the fact that Arabs participate in the national assembly and have equal rights, while on the other hand, Jews have zero rights in Arab states, and would deserve the same systematic eradication as Christians and homosexuals. And that false narrative has spread across college campuses across America, forcing states to pass laws preventing colleges from boycotting Israel.  Western Civilization is losing the public relations battle. and Joseph Goebbels would have been proud.

Alan W. Cohen is a retired attorney, blogger and author. His new book Private Vows: The Case for Ending State Regulation of Marriage and Divorce is available on Amazon.

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