Climate Change Non-Deniers Need to Open Up Collective Brains to Capitalism

By Alan W. Cohen

I don’t know about you, but I have friends on all sides of all issues, and I am both frightened and amused at the extremity of their emotions. They throw insults at each other’s views on social media that they would never do in person. Some are them are quite colorful. One social media friend called me a Climate Change Denier.  I guess that’s akin to being called an atheist in Iran.

Then I got to thinking. What exactly does that mean? Well, apparently for many of the undeveloped brains on college campuses, it means the Earth is in imminent danger of destruction. Wow. In the phrasing of my generation, that’s heavy. Really? Well, we must save the planet from this coming disaster! But how do we do that?

Which brings me to my next favorite phrase in this new ideology: The Carbon Footprint. Well, I consider myself an environmentalist, but I never thought of myself as a polluter. Apparently, that is what I am doing 24/7 for the past 58 years. Every time I take in oxygen and breathe out carbon-dioxide I am polluting the world  So, I am going to throw out everything I know about the climate for a second, everything I know about sun spots, volcanoes, meteors, ocean currents, and the 26,000-year cycle that places us squarely between two ice ages, and consider that problem. How do we reduce our carbon footprint? Let’s go back to 7th grade biology. Hmm. What converts carbon dioxide into oxygen? Oh. I remember. Plants. So, following this problem logically, what we need is more plants and less people. But, unless all of those climate change non-deniers want to commit collective suicide, or wish to become mass murderers, we need a more humane solution.

So let’s get deeper into our scientific brains. What plants are best at eating carbon? Algae.  Well, certainly I am not the first person to realize this phenomenon. It turns out that Americans are a pretty industrious bunch. True. It took Israeli technology to create a cost-effective system that converts seawater to drinking water, but Americans have always been on top of the solving the world’s problems. Technology is providing the answer, as stated in Power:

The bioreactor patented by California-based algal firm PHYCO2 is undergoing a multi-year trial at Michigan State University’s (MSU’s) T.B. Simon Power Plant, a co-generation plant that provides steam, heat, and power to the university and can fire biomass, natural gas, and coal.

The bioreactor absorbs the CO2 from a slipstream of the plant’s boiler exhaust. PHYCO2 says its technology is set apart from other open and closed photobioreactor systems because it eliminates all possible contamination from outside sources, allowing microalgae to grow indoors 24 hours a day, without sunlight.

But let’s get to the root of the problem. Whenever you have billionaires and politicians promoting an idea and demanding that government take charge, you can bet there is profit in it. And, when certain off-shore billionaires promote anti-American ideals in favor of globalism, you can also bet that their profits are the end goal. Pretty ironic, huh? Convince an entire generation that American capitalism is evil just to make a profit. Have to give Tom Stires and George Soros credit for their ingenuity.

But these billionaires do not want young people to process facts, just to react emotionally to fear. Their collective amygdala is firing. It’s fight or flight. It’s a mob mentality. So, here is some free advice for the climate non-deniers. Use the logical part of your collective brains. Go about solving a perceived problem using the scientific method you learned in junior high school. It is not about good and evil. Stare into your smart phone and remember that technology is good. We do not need to return to the Stone Age. That was my generation, when communes and free love was the spirit of the day, and John Lennon sang Imagine. We were wrong.  Communes died out faster than the Mayflower Compact, not because of good and evil, but because human nature would not allow it. Heck, as a teen I had a copy of The Communist Manifesto on my bookshelf. It took me years to understand that their premise was wrong. Each according to his needs. Who decides those needs? Government? Isn’t government made up of people in power? And, wouldn’t the people in power care for their needs ahead of all others? And wouldn’t continuation of their power be their primary need? We only need to look to Washington to see that premise proved. Or, better yet, open up your smart phone and Google Venezuela. Yet, the remnants of that 60s culture chose to go into academia and become your college professors, still convinced that Hippies were right after all.

But I digress. So when you catch yourself being captured by the mass hysteria that is Climate Change, turn on the logic portion of your brain and look at that smart phone in your hand. It has more computing power than the IBM monster that launched Apollo 11. That smart phone did not come from government. It came from an enterprising genius. So, until you develop that filter to discern reality to what billionaires like Tom Stires or George Soros are putting into your empty heads, repeat after me. Capitalism is good. Socialism is bad. America is good. Communism is bad.  Repeat that mantra fifty times every morning. Then, when you grow up, you might have a chance. Maybe.

Alan W. Cohen is an author and blogger, retired from the practice of law after 25 years. His new book, Private Vows: The Case for Ending State Regulation of Marriage and Divorce is available on Amazon.

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