Comey Confirms that Hillary the Evil Genius Behind the Trump/Russia Scandal

By Alan W. Cohen

Disgraced former FBI chief James Comey’s testimony confirms what I first posted more than a month ago, that Hillary Clinton is the Evil Genius behind the Trump-Russia Scandal. It was her campaign that paid for the Golden Showers Dossier, and convinced Comey it was authentic, so much so that the Obama Deep State used it to spy on then candidate Trump, Republican congressmen and their associates.

It reads like an old movie script. Many Republicans could not help but compare Hillary Clinton to the power mad Angela Lansbury character in the classic film, The Manchurian Candidate. Democrats, obviously, see it differently. Yet, the back story to the Russia Scandal reads like a movie that Rod Serling might write, similar to his Oscar winning script in Seven Days in May, or as a story line on House of Cards. So, here it is in beat sheet form:

  1. Power mad Secretary of State Hillary commits probable felony as she and her husband accumulate millions in “donations” and develop vast political machine to assure her run for the presidency.
  2. Hillary maintains access to intelligence from friendly administration to keep her abreast of vital information.
  3. Hillary cheats party opponent in primary using insider information, getting debate questions in advance from corrupt party official.
  4. Hillary orchestrates bribe of FBI agent in charge of her probe using loophole in campaign finance laws, having agent’s wife run for minor political office.
  5. Hillary orchestrates (as shown in Project Veritas investigation) dirty tricks to portray Republican opponent as violent by training operatives to infiltrate campaign rallies.
  6. Hillary’s husband has secret meeting with Attorney General in effort to weasel out of federal crimes, successfully avoids indictment.
  7. Hillary’s dirty tricks department creates a false dossier in attempt to imply her opponent is a Russian spy, successfully gets her friends in the FBI to begin an investigation.
  8. Because Hillary still has access to intelligence, she is aware of FBI’s attempts to get warrants to spy on her opponent, but, (as recently reported in Time Magazine), friendly administration  refuses to publicize the investigation, believing it unnecessary.
  9. Instead, Hillary’s allies in the media release an ancient video of opponent acting crudely, believing it would destroy his candidacy.
  10. Incredibly, Hillary’s Republican opponent survives media onslaught, and pulls off shocking upset.
  11. Undeterred, Hillary’s allies push the Russia story into the media, finally getting a disreputable website to publish it, permitting her allies in Congress to quote the false story in confirmation hearings.
  12. Hillary convinces friendly administration to unmask and leak communications of the incoming Republican administration in effort to further Russian story, knowing her allies in the media will ignore civil liberties violations to chase illusive, and false, Russian connection.
  13.  Hillary’s Democrat allies continue to push for investigation into false Russia story, despite a complete lack of evidence to support their claims, and, since they are the minority in Congress, call for special “independent” probe.
  14.  Hillary pushes allies in the media to undermine incoming administration so that she can make an amazing political comeback.  But, alas, that is season two.

Truth is stranger than fiction, but this truth (and trust me this beat sheet outline makes more sense than the current media narrative) will make a great movie someday. Perhaps, they could get Angela Lansbury to star. Now we need to find some 6-8 super wimp to play James Comey.

Alan W. Cohen is an author and former attorney. His most recent book, Private Vows: The Case for Ending State Regulation of Marriage and Divorce is available on Amazon.

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